Engagement Ring Trends

The Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know for 2020

So, you have finally decided to put a ring on your relationship. Congratulations! Not that we want to scare you or something, but the coming few weeks are definitely going to be overwhelming.

You will have to make tons of decisions leading up to the day of the wedding. And one of the most important of them all will be the engagement ring. Your quest for the most beautiful engagement ring that fits your budget is going to take you places, my friend.

So, it’s better to know what you are going to be presented with when you begin your search. In this post, we have tried to share some of the most interesting engagement ring trends that are making a noise in the market. Let’s cut to the chase and dive right into the content!

Engagement Ring Trends You Should Not Miss in 2020

Personalized Designs

Personalization is a major trend across many verticals. And it has not spared the jewelry industry as well. Modern day brides are looking for something personal that helps them break from the traditions. The rise of diamond alternative gemstones for engagement rings have allowed designers to create unique shaped diamonds that reflect a couples’ relationship.

Multiple Stones

The use of multiple stones in engagement rings was brought back by Meghan Markle. And today, most brides-to-be are wanting for more diamonds in their rings. Jewelry designers claim that customers are not shying away from adding 3 to 5 stones in their rings stacked in a much more personalized way. These engagement rings dominate the ring finger as it covers a large part of it.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Here’s another engagement ring trend inspired by the vintage styles. When it comes to diamond cuts, Asscher Cut Diamonds have their own customer base. Brides are looking forward to getting diamond cuts that are inspired by the Art Deco era. However, designers have been able to give it a modern look by placing it delicately on the simple band.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is essentially inspired by classic and vintage styles. There has been a strong come back of yellow gold and the metal is definitely set to bring the glittering gold back into fashion. All popular jewelry designers are looking forward to yellow gold in engagement rings. So, you should be prepared for it as well.

Elongated Diamond Shapes

This is another major engagement ring trend that you should consider while making a purchase. Some of the elongated cuts like oval, emerald, elongated cushion has not stopped selling in 2020. People are looking for elongated question engagement rings on the internet as the designers make top celebrities wear them and make them popular. 

Wrapping Up

Well, important decisions should take time. So, don’t rush through it. Just keep looking for what you need and you will eventually find it. If not, Daniel’s Creations Jewelry can definitely help you do that! Like what you just read? Feel free to comment down below what you think about the trends we have just mentioned.

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