How to Repurpose Heirloom Jewelry

How to Repurpose Heirloom Jewelry

Do you own a special heirloom jewelry piece stashed away in a dresser drawer or jewelry box?

Heirloom jewelry has sentimental worth, something a friend or family member may have worn. Regardless of whether it is an exceptional piece that was handcrafted, or an item that was mass produced, it speaks to a passionate connection to the original owner.

Heirloom jewelry might be seen like a blurred artistic creation– a valuable article to be reestablished to its unique condition.

They may also be pieces that you would like to create a new vision for. This may not be fitting if the piece is a unique heirloom passed on from a loved one. However, there are times when jewelry items could be an entirely new piece using the diamond or gemstone. The progression of time, dated styles, or damage are a couple of explanations behind dismantling treasure gems and transforming it into a new piece.

Jewelry is intended to be worn, so rethinking a legacy into a bit of new jewelry that mirrors your fashion sense makes it more probable that you’ll wear it, and is an incredible method to keep the recollections of loved ones alive.

In the event that you are unaware of the financial estimation of your treasured jewelry piece, take it to a jeweler. They can assist you with choosing whether your piece merits protecting or is a decent contender for transforming it into a new special piece of jewelry.

Listed below are a couple of ideas to help breathe new life into a heirloom jewelry piece:

1. Wear it in another manner. Wrap a necklace around your wrist as bracelet. Reconsidering how a jewelry piece is worn is presumably the most effortless reinvention.

2. Be creative with an old piece. A little creative mind can work imaginative wonders with legacy pieces that are too small, delicate, or damaged to be worn.

3. Transform a larger piece of jewelry into a few smaller ones. The jewels in a necklace can become earrings. Precious stones in a brooch could be utilized to create a pendant necklace or earrings.

4. Change the metal. A dreary gemstone positioned in a platinum or white gold band will make the precious stone appear brand new.

5. Repurpose the gemstones. On the off chance that the piece is damaged or requires a new vision, you can remove the gems and use them to create a new piece of your own design. You can create a custom piece that will become an heirloom for future generations. Gemstones in heirloom pieces can also be divided among family members, so everybody can share the memories, and create their own passed down treasures.

6. Make it fresh. Sometimes all a piece of heirloom jewelry needs is a freshening up. Take your heirloom piece to a jeweler to ensure all gemstones are secure and have it cleaned and polished.

If you would like to repurpose a piece of jewelry, our team at Daniel’s Creations is happy to help! We often have customers that come in to our shop in Fullerton with heirloom pieces. We come from a seasoned background of wholesale, retail, and craftsmanship, specializing in many areas of fine jewelry, including alterations and custom special-orders. We would love to bring your new vision to life by creating a special piece for you or a loved one.

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